Life Together

Worship: Feel free to sit anywhere in the worship center. There are some blankets scattered around for those that might get cold, but please know that they are not saving anyone's seat. Our Sunday morning worship services are a blend of mostly newer worship songs and a few older choruses or hymns led from a guitar and accompanied by drums, piano, bass, and electric guitars. People wear jeans, slacks, shorts, and the occasional suit and tie so you will never feel under dressed. The sermons are relevant and engaging with a bent towards personal application. And yes, we are usually done right at noon!

The Crossroads: You are invited to the Crossroads to eat donuts and enjoy coffee and other beverages before our worship service each Sunday Morning. The Crossroads is outside the door that is right of the sanctuary stage so stop by on your way to Sunday School to pick up a quick snack.

Have Children? If you have children who are ages birth-3 years we have a nursery with background-checked staff that will lovingly take care of children during the service if you like. We ask that you check them into the nursery and fill out an allergy alert sheet so that they can best take care of your little one. Also, we have a special beeper that we can give to you upon your request so you can be notified if your child cannot be soothed in a timely manner. We also have 2 children’s church opportunities for our kids! For our 3yrs-preK kids we have a great program with age appropriate lessons and activities. They meet in our special children church room in the north wing of our building. Then, for K-5th graders we have a high-energy, video driven program that the kids love. They sing, play games and have a blast! They meet in the Fellowship Hall. Both of these groups are dismissed from the morning church service after the musical portion of our worship and will be met at the doors by leaders.


Sharing a table with Jesus

Few acts are more expressive of companionship than a shared meal; someone with whom we share food is likely to be our friend, or well on the way to becoming one. Almost every big event or celebration is accompanied by a feast. This isn't just true of our culture. People ave been feasting for gernations all over the world. 

A shared meal offers oppurtunites. Join us on March the 7th as we spend a season in the Gospels observing the interaction between people and Jesus at the dinner table. 

Cross timbers children camp

June 1st-4th our children will be traveling to childrens camp in Davis Oklahoma. This is for children who have completed 3rd grade through 6th grade. Cost is $25 per child and the sing up is located on the Bulletin Board in Crossroads. 

Vacation Bible School June 14th-18th

Vavation Bible School is scheduled this summer for June 20th through 24th

Falls Creek 2021

Falls Creek youth camp is sceduled for July 5th-10th for students in grades 7th through 12th grade. Cost per student is $50.00

A study in Genesis

Scripture speaks of our begining, our Creator, our fall, and His plan for redemption. In order to understand the Gospels we need to become familiar with the book of Genesis. Join us on Sunday nights at 6:00pm as we move through the first book of the Bible. 

Elijah's Barrel Needs

We need a few items for our food pantry. We need Pastas of all kinds, Tuna, Dried Beans, Soups, Crackers, Evaporated milk, Peanut Butter and Conrbread mix. Join us in serving those who have needs. 

  April 2021  
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  • Office hours are Monday through Thursday from 9:00am to 4:30pm


  • Small Group Bible Study
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  • Sunday Morning Worship
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  • Sunday Evening Worship
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  • Adult Bible Devotion & Prayer Time
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  • Elevate Kids
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